Rogue Blight

Official Teaser Trailer


  • Demo supports Windows, Mac, Linux and is Steam Deck compatible.
  • Mouse/Keyboard and Controller supported.

To get access to the private demo, or if you have any queries about it:
Email us at or message CodeRadGames on twitter.

Game Summary

Battle your way through a blight-infected world in this monster-filled, action-packed, 2D souls-inspired rogue-lite game.

  • Traverse randomly generated maps
  • Engage a wide variety of formidable enemies and bosses
  • Fight using combat reminiscent of the Souls series
  • Choose and combine discovered items to create the best character build possible in real time
  • Advance your character’s level to unlock a massive variety of skills, gear, and armor
  • Obtain Fungi, a unique currency that enhances your character and provides additional options in future runs
  • Confront escalating challenges in infinite New Game+ story mode
  • Face randomly generated daily and weekly challenges

Game Design Pillars

  • Runs should never take too long
  • Each run should have different playthrough
  • Player should always be on the verge of unlocking something
  • There should always be more challenging content to try


  • Well-Rounded Experience: The gameplay’s action is easily comprehensible, while the strategy behind the game offers a captivating challenge for the players. This strikes a perfect balance for a compelling viewing experience.
  • Unique Playthroughs: The randomly generated maps guarantee each playthrough has a unique journey, and the game’s discoverable items enable players to quickly craft different builds of their character on every run.
  • Infinite New Game+: Replayability ensures that even the most accomplished players face increasing challenges, heightening the entertainment factor.
  • Daily and Weekly Randomly Generated Challenges: These challenges are seamlessly integrated with leaderboards – a dynamic element that enhances competitiveness and fosters a sense of community engagement.

Plot Summary

The once enchanting realm of Shadowfell has plunged into darkness, as a Blight has taken root in the magical land. Legends speak of a time when a child’s gift to revive and create life was cruelly seized and corrupted by a mysterious figure known only as the Blight Lady. The sinister curse she unleashed upon the realm now distorts living beings, animates lifeless objects, and thwarts the natural cycle of death. 

Madness, brutality, and terror have overcome Shadowfell, transforming its denizens into grotesque, undead versions of their former selves. The very land itself has become twisted, as its pathways and roads ceaselessly shift and change, ensnaring the souls of Shadowfell in eternal, undying damnation.

Yet, a new warrior emerges, resolved to break free from this accursed fate. Only a true fighter can endure the cycle of demise and rebirth, forging a path to the Blight Tower. It is whispered that within this tower, the Blight Lady possesses the boundless power of the stolen magical child. 

This valiant rogue now embarks on a noble quest to reach the tower, defeat the Blight Lady, and free the child, all while confronting the abominations and undead horrors of Shadowfell with an unwavering determination to vanquish the Blight.



Dark Souls | Combat and Theme

Slay the Spire, Inscryption | Map Progression

Dead Cells | Upgrade System

Project Scope

  • Story mode will include three chapters: Waywood Forest, Fireworn City, and Blight Tower
    • Each chapter will have a different background setting with randomly generated features
    • Each map will contain unique enemies and bosses
  • Infinite New Game+
    • Every time the player finishes the game’s Story Mode (main game), they will be able to play it again on higher difficulty
    • Each difficulty will increase the following: enemy damage, enemy speed, enemy health, enemy size, enemy status effect apply rate
  • 6 Story Bosses – Undead Gorilla, Wendigo, Statue Dweller, Lightning Knight, Mutant Butterfly, Blight Lady
  • ~50 unique weapons/shields
  • 25 armor sets
    • 6 Armor Sets in Waywood Forest
    • 6 Armor Sets in Fireworn City
    • 3 Armor Sets in Blight Tower
    • 10 cosmetic armor sets based on each boss design
  • ~20 Non-boss Enemies
  • ~30 random “?” events that occur when the player enters a “?” level on the map
    • Each will present the player with some sort of choice and possibly unique rewards
  • ~20 unique upgrades
    • Upgrades will tend to enhance/increase related options for the player (for example: if the player upgrades the shop, more items become available in the shop)
  • ~60 blessings and ~25 minor blessings (i.e. player buffs that affect the player’s current character build)
  • Daily and Weekly rotating challenges with leaderboard integration
    • Challenges will be randomly generated
    • Challenges will contain unique map layouts, curses (enemy debuffs) and random modifiers for the enemies, player and environment
    • Upon beating a challenge, the player will be able to try again on a higher difficulty, which will correlate to leaderboard placement
  • A new and improved tutorial section will be included
  • Originally composed music and custom-designed audio will be implemented
  • Opening animated cutscene that sets up the story will be created
  • Players will be able to customize their character’s appearance
    • ~10 different noses, hairs, eyes, eyebrows etc
  • Product versions will include a Supporter Edition which will also contain:
    • Digital Art Book with sketches and final art
    • Official soundtrack
  • Receive Steam Deck verification


The story mode should offer approximately 3-4 hours of gameplay, but the duration may vary based on the player’s skill level. The game provides substantial replay value, particularly through the inclusion of daily and weekly challenges, the infinite New Game+ feature, and leaderboard integration. 

Although the current demo version of the game is approximately only 1/3 complete, many playtesters have already accumulated 20-80 hours playing the game.

Production Schedule

The core game is currently about 70% finished, with about 30% of art, character, and audio content created and implemented. We feel the most challenging aspect of the game’s development was the core functionality of the game such as the combat system, upgrade system, map generation, enemy implementation and other systems. Since most of these core game aspects have been completed, we are now able to focus on content implementation, some minor system improvements, and playtesting adjustments.

  • Complete Chapter 2 (Now – March 2024)
  • Complete Chapter 3 (March 2024 – August 2024)
  • Daily and Weekly Challenge modes (August 2024 – November 2024)
  • Opening Cutscene, Optimization, Balance, Digital Artbook (November 2024 – February 2025)
  • Launch on Steam in February 2025
    • Standard Edition: Includes game
    • Supporter Edition: Includes game, digital artbook and soundtrack
  • We plan on adding supplemental content (such as new blessings, upgrades, enemies, and optional bosses) after the game launch in the form of free updates


Konrad Jablonski (Game Owner and Developer)

Konrad is a longtime and passionate creator of games such as SledgeRift, a popular indie game that was featured on the front page of the Oculus Rift website and garnered 10,000+ demo downloads.  He has over 14 years of programming experience and he has been working professionally as a software engineer for the past eight years.

Adam Greenlee (Sound Effects and Music)

Adam is a full time professional audio designer for the renowned studio ThatGameCompany (current game is Sky: Children of the Light).  He also worked for American Gaming Systems (AGS) as an in-house Music Composer/Sound Designer for many years, provided sounds and music for a number of independent game titles, and is a formally trained composer/musician. 

Jason Quaid (Monster and Character Voice Overs)

Jason is a heavy metal singer, having performed as the front man in such bands as Devil’s Key, Mosley Todd, and End Point.  He is also a freelance vocal/voice over artist and a theater/performance enthusiast.

Dane Celestia (Artist)

Dane is a freelance artist and 2D illustrator, with over a decade of professional art experience. He is also a passionate fan of souls-like games.


Please email us at if you wish to get access to the budget information.

Target Market

Our target audience are enthusiasts who appreciate challenging combat in indie souls-like and/or rogue-like games – fans of titles such as Hades, Dead Cells, Salt and Sanctuary and Blasphemous.

Furthermore, we aim to capture the interest of FromSoftware fans who enjoy the gripping experiences provided by games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring.