Press Inquiries

Press Inquiries

Game: Rogue Blight
Genre: Souls-Like, Rogue-Lite
Developer: CodeRad Games
Store Page: Steam
Release Date: Early 2025

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Game Summary

Battle your way through a blight-infected world in this monster-filled, action-packed, 2D souls-inspired rogue-lite game.

  • Traverse randomly generated maps
  • Engage a wide variety of formidable enemies and bosses
  • Fight using combat reminiscent of the Souls series
  • Choose and combine discovered items to create the best character build possible in real time
  • Advance your character’s level to unlock a massive variety of skills, gear, and armor
  • Obtain Fungi, a unique currency that enhances your character and provides additional options in future runs
  • Confront escalating challenges in infinite New Game+ story mode
  • Face randomly generated daily and weekly challenges

About CodeRad Games

CodeRad Games is an independent game studio, and has been developing Rogue Blight since October of 2020, with an expected release date early 2025.

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